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Group Classes

Join our Puppy Foundations group class and have your puppy learn all the basics they will need to be well-mannered and obedient

Private Lessons

This is a more personalized approach where you will work 1 on 1 with a trainer. These lessons will be tailored to the specific training your dog needs.

Board and Train

Our puppy program is designed to make life easier for you and create the foundation obedience behaviours that are necessary for a well-behaved balanced dog.

Online Training

If you can’t get to us for in-person training, we offer our online Ultimate Puppy package that will start you off right


Puppy training is the foundation to your dog’s development. The first six months is perhaps the most critical time to imprint desirable behavior, socialize and train your puppy. Let our professional trainers help you during this important period. There are multiple ways you can train your puppy with us no matter where you are in the world!



We have a proven system when it comes to training puppies. Whether we are raising a working dog or a family pet, this approach works with all puppies. The first thing you need to understand is that puppy training is not something you do for ten minutes, half an hour or even a few hours a day. Every minute you spend with your puppy is training. Everything that happens in the home, on walks and during social interactions will teach your puppy something good or something bad. As a new puppy owner, it is essential to know how to properly guide your puppy through these experiences to ensure he or she comes away with the right lessons.

We break puppy training down into three categories:

Like children, puppies have short attention spans, no impulse control, and high levels of curiosity. Imagine leaving your two-year-old human child loose in the house with minimal supervision. How do you think that would go? The child would accidentally destroy things, potty on the floor and even injure himself. We know human babies cannot handle this so why would anyone assume a baby dog can? When you are bringing a new puppy into your home you need a plan. A strategy that creates an environment where the puppy is kept safe while simultaneously learning how to be a good house dog. Dogs love patterns. They can love good patterns or bad patterns. When you bring a puppy into your home and your life, creating management systems that will yield good patterns are crucial to success and avoiding bad behavior patterns like separations anxiety, messing in the house, reactivity and more.

Obedience training done right can save your puppies life! Imagine your puppy heading towards a busy road. You call her, she immediately hits the brakes and jets back to you. This situation and many like it lead to countless dogs being injured or dying every year. Not only does puppy obedience training save lives but it also enhances them. Our Shield K9 puppy training system focuses on the following fundamental behaviors:

  • Place Command
  • Recalls
  • Sit/Down/Stay
  • Heel
  • Crate 
  • Leave It
  • Structured Play

Our puppy training system is designed to make learning as positive and fun as possible for the puppy. The puppy learns the basic concept of all the listed behaviors. The pup learns that training with the handler is fun and rewarding. He also learns in an age appropriate way that some things are not optional and that he must do them. This foundation training will pave the way to future learning and will accelerate the puppy to quickly master the more advanced behaviors we ask of our young adult dogs.

Perhaps the most misunderstood component of puppy training. We see many handlers making many critical mistakes when it comes to properly socializing their puppy. Unfortunately, in this instance google and other easily accessible information sources on puppy training lead most people down a dead-end road when it comes to socialization. Ever wonder why the dogs trained in our system regardless of their past are able to ignore strange dogs, strange people and give their handler complete focus and attention no matter where they are? It’s all in how we socialize them. Contrary to popular belief good socialization is not running your puppy through dozens of social interactions with strange people and dogs. Doing this, no matter how many treats are involved will only cause you puppy to be more anxious about potential social interactions or hyper aroused and excited by them. Neither extreme is productive. Instead there is a middle ground where the puppy learns to not be overly concerned with strangers and social interactions. Where he learns to be calm and attentive to the handler regardless of the behavior of other dogs in the environment. We will show you how.


The following list is the equipment necessary for our group classes or private training sessions.Please enter the property through our EAST driveway off Gore Rd, NOT the driveway that leads to the house.Note…When navigating to our location using GPS please be advised some units will take you to the wrong location. Using the google maps or waze app seem to be reliable in their guidance.




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