Why Private Lessons?

Looking for personalized dog training? Look no further! Our private training lessons offer a customized approach to dog training, with one-on-one lessons with our professional trainers. This option is perfect for busy pet owners who cannot commit to weekly group classes and those who want a more tailored training plan for their dog.

With our expert guidance and personalized attention, you can transform your dog’s behaviour or obedience and create a strong bond between you and your four-legged companion. Our Private Dog Lessons allow us to focus on specific problem areas and address any behavioural or obedience issues you may be experiencing.

1 Lesson

Bundle of 3
Bundle of 6
Bundle of 8
Reactive Rehab

8 Lessons
$1750 + tax

Embarrassed by your dog’s outbursts? Is walking your dog only a stressful experience? Together with our experienced trainers we can end the reactive behaviour and give you and your dog a new lease on life!

Many dogs suffer from fear-based reactivity. Many dogs are extremely frustrated especially when on leash and their frustration manifests as reactivity. Often dogs and owners struggle with this behaviour for years and in many cases for the entire life of the dog.

Here at Shield K9 we have the answers. We have been fully rehabilitating reactive dogs for the last decade. We have in-depth knowledge of this type of dog behaviour and we have a systemic training approach that works. Our training system is clear for both dog and owner and designed from the ground up to holistically address the emotion behind the behaviour. We don’t just fix the reactivity, we fully train the dog from the ground up. Rock solid recalls, loose leash walking, impulse control, healthy social management, and confidence building are all included in this signature package.

  • E-Collar Training
  • Place
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Heel
  • Loose leash Walking
  • Off-Leash Recall
  • Distraction Training
  • Socialization
Ultimate Puppy
(dogs under 6 months)
4 Lessons
$650 + tax

Puppy training is the foundation to your dog’s development. The first six months is perhaps the most critical time to imprint desirable behaviour, socialize, and train your puppy. Let our professional trainers help you during this important period.

We have a proven system when it comes to training puppies. The first thing you need to understand is that puppy training is not something you do for ten minutes, half an hour, or even a few hours a day. Every minute you spend with your puppy is training. Everything that happens in the home, on walks, and during social interactions will teach your puppy something good or something bad.

Our Ultimate Puppy program focusses on the obedience training, management, and socialization your puppy will need to start off the right way!

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Heel
  • Leash Walking
  • Proper Socialization
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Structured Play
Elite Off-Leash Freedom

6 Lessons
$1350 + tax

SHIELD K9’s Off-Leash Training takes things to new levels. Your dog will build upon any skills they already know and add new skills. We’ll also introduce the e-collar into the training for instant communication with your dog and better & reliable results.

Our Elite Off-Leash Freedom program will teach your dog to recall off the leash, sit, down, place, heel both on and off the leash, distance commands, ignore distractions, and be obedient everywhere. We’ll also integrate structured play, bringing drive and speed to your dog’s obedience.

At Shield K9 we do not train for “sometimes” or “most of the time.” We train for 100% reliability in the real world where it matters.

  • Sit (on and off-leash)
  • Down (on and off-leash)
  • Place (on and off-leash)
  • Heel (on and off-leash)
  • Off-Leash Recall
  • Distance Commands
  • Distraction Training
  • Socialization
  • Structured Play
All private lessons are carried out at our training facility. All lessons are 60 minutes each

One of the benefits to doing private sessions with us is faster results!

Needless to say, with the undivided attention of one of our expert trainers you will get where you need to go fast! We usually have clients and their dogs completely off-leash with their behaviour problems resolved in only a few lessons!

If you are unsure of how many lessons you may need to meet your training goals, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 519-400-4056


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