Off-Leash Dog Control

Off-Leash Dog Control

“My entire philosophy and training system is designed to make life with your dog easy for BOTH of you.”

– Haz Othman

Imagine a dog that promptly obeys you whether he is next to you or 100 yards away. That comes when he is called, does not make pointless noise or destroys your house. This is only possible through a balanced training approach. 

I don’t rely on bribery nor do I rely on punishment.  Instead I utilize a consequence based system that teaches the dog how to make the right choice (MY choice) every time.  This makes things very black and white for your dog and is thus very easy for him to understand.  Most clients see the change immediately once the dog is brought into my system.

Picture for a moment yourself hiking in the woods with your pooch, let’s call her Fluffy.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and your dog is at her happiest, off leash, running to her heart’s content, sniffing new scents and just being a dog.

Suddenly, you hear noise up ahead and look up to see a couple with their two Labs headed down the path in your direction.  Your dog Fluffy looks up, notes the two Labs 80 yards ahead and bolts down the path to meet them.  You don’t know these dog. 

Are they friendly or aggressive?  Will their owners appreciate your dog’s abrupt incursion into their space?  Too much potential for things to go wrong.  You make your decision.

Your Command rings out, “Fluffy COME”. Fluffy who is by now 50 yards down the path and closing with the new dogs fast, does an abrupt 180 degree turn and heads back to you.  “Fluffy, HEEL”, Fluffy comes into position, her neck almost touching your left thigh her body parallel to yours. 

She stays there matching your walking pace precisely as you continue without stopping down the path.  You note the two Labs are being leashed by their owners and are barking and jumping excitedly towards your dog.  You move over to the side of the path and give the strange Labs and their owners some space. 

You continue at a steady pace passing the excited dogs and their two owners while their slightly confused expressions track Fluffy who has remained at your side in a perfect Heel position despite the fact that she was sprinting towards their dogs only seconds earlier.

Fluffy stays in heel despite the antics of their dogs, once you have gone a safe distance past this distraction you give Fluffy the Break Marker signalling to her that she can go play. Fluffy leaves your side and bounds off into the woods again to resume her enjoyment of Mother Nature.

This is an example of what complete off leash control offers means to us here at Shield K9.  It’s not voodoo or rocket science.  Just simple training that makes sense to both you and your dog. 

We take the guess work out of every exercise, reward what we like, correct behaviors we don’t like and make everything easy for the handler and dog.  We use modern tools, train dogs quickly and properly the first time. In our system you don’t waste your time and money for many months or even years struggling to make your dog behave.

We offer an alternative to most mainstream pet training.  A healthy balance of modern techniques, tools and effective methods that have been proven over decades.  The Shield K9 program makes living a happy stress free life with your canine companion a reality.

Haz Othman,
Shield K9 Head Trainer


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