Here at Shield K9 Woodstock, we prioritize your dog’s safety, security and well being. Our dog daycare program is designed to enrich your dog’s body and mind. Socialization, fun, structure and safety are our top priorities! We treat your dog like family here. Our expert team of trainers and staff know each and everyone of our short and long-term residents! We carefully monitor their health, behavior and general well being.

You have the option to pay daily or prepay online for a quick checkout. You are welcome to drop off and pickup anytime within the specified time slots of the Shield K9 location you are using. Please walk your dog into the facility on a leash attached to a collar or harness for check in with our staff.


All Shield K9 Woodstock Doggy Daycare locations post daily video and pictures of our residents on our social media feeds!


Woodstock, Ontario


Monday-Friday • Drop- Off 7AM – 11AM

Pick-Up 3pm - 6PM

Late fee of $25 / hour


Shield K9 doggy daycare program is open to ALL dogs. We provide a safe and structured environment for your dog to have a great day while you live your busy life. We focus on creating a healthy group setting where the dogs interact with one another in healthy and productive manner. Mental and physical enrichment as well as the love, care and attention of our committed staff.


For dogs with antisocial behavior, we provide individual daycare plans. Your dog will be cared for and enriched individually by our techs and trainers. We also offer behavior training services that can be added on to your program throughout the day to begin rehabbing your dog.




Want your dog to go for a nice one on one walk with one of our staff? We have you covered! Walks include free time to explore and sniff as well as some structure that reinforces good behavior on walks.



Does your dog drag you everywhere? Has your big, excited puppy pulled you over? Never fear, our team of expert trainers have a solution. Not only will we teach your dog not to pull, we will teach you how to maintain your dog’s loose leash.

Length of program: 2 sessions



Dream of having your dog off leash? Want to know your pup will come when called no matter what? Great news! Our off-leash recall program has you covered!

Length of program: 3 – 4 sessions



Individual structured play with one of our trainers. We teach the dog to engage not just with the toy but with the handler. Tons of fun with some rules that make the game good for everybody. This is a great option for any dog!


Small (50 lb or less): $40

Large (50+ lbs): $60

Full bath and brush for your dog or pup. Pick your pup up clean and smelling fresh!


Normal: $20

Aggressive dog: $50

Don’t let them get too long! Our team will happily trim your dogs’ nails.

Doggy Daycare is a day care option for your dog while you work or are otherwise
engaged. A great option for high energy dogs, anxious dogs or really any dog
that is home all day long. Shield K9 Doggy Daycare provides daily stimulation
and structure that provides your beloved pet with ongoing care and attention
from our dedicated staff.

His or her flat collar, any food or medication. If its your first day please
bring a copy of your dogs vaccines including rabies and Bordetella.

Each Shield K9 location has specific pickup and drop off time slots. You
can come at any point withing those time to drop off or pickup your dog.
When you park, simply walk your dog in on a leash and check in with one of our staff members.

Our team of expert trainers has constructed a daily program for our daycare residents designed to maximize the time your dog spends with us. Our program has three primary focus points:


Many dogs pick up bad behavioral habits in typical doggy daycare setups. From hyperactive arousal or reactive behaviors learned from other dogs to house training issues. Our program is designed to foster healthy social behavior in your dog. We do not do unstructured “play time” all day that only teaches your dog to be addicted to arousal inducing play with other dogs as a way to cope with boredom or insecurity. Instead, we focus on fostering a calm environment where your dog learns to participate in group activities with the other dogs and the trainer supervising them throughout the day. All behavior is monitored closely and any dog displaying inappropriate social behaviors or stress is immediately separated and worked with before being
reintroduced into the group.


A healthy body is a healthy mind. Our daycare program includes age and breed appropriate exercise. From supervised play in one of our safely fenced indoor and outdoor exercise areas to stimulating games designed to stimulate and enrich the mind and body. Our team will always
monitor your dog’s physical condition and weight. Group exercise and enrichment activities that stimulate mind and body will be provided to your dog throughout the day.


While we ensure our daycare residents have plenty of playtime and exercise, we also include periods of structured activities throughout the day to ensure your dog experiences a balance of excitement and calm. In our program, all dogs learn to practise quiet time on place beds and crates. Naps and quiet time are essential to maintaining your dog’s mental health and stability. Practising excessive excitement and arousal all day long can be harmful to your dog’s mental well being.

Minimum requirements full puppy shots up to 16 weeks, Rabies and Bordatella.

Woodstock, Ontario: 1057 Parkinson Rd Unit #9


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