Our private training sessions are great for clients that want a more customized approach to training their dog. In private sessions you will get one on one sessions with one of our pro trainers. Great for clients that have busy lives that cannot commit to weekly group classes or who want to train in private with the undivided attention of one of our trainers. Private sessions are good for one year, so even if you don’t use all your sessions, you can always come back later to work on something.

One of the benefits to doing private sessions with us is faster results!

Needless to say, with the undivided attention of one of our expert trainers you will get where you need to go fast! We usually have clients and their dog completely off leash with their behavior problems resolved in as little as six sessions!

I guarantee if you do one session with one of our trainers, you will sign up for a package. This is how effective our dog training system is.

Private Training Sessions are good for any kind of dog or puppy. We are able to do behavior mod, obedience training and one on one coaching to fix any problem or train any behavior!

Coaching for Dog Sport (IGP other Bite Sports)

We offer limited Coaching slots for teams interested in pursuing sport. This is currently only available at our HQ location. Coaching sessions can include tracking, obedience or protection.

suitable for any type of training including:


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